Stacie's Healthy Food Pyramid

I've come up with my own version of the food pyramid, cause I'm aware than big business & corporate well-being influence the government mandated one. For example, the dairy industry, the meat industry, and even the nut & oil producers, vie for a lower position (lower on the pyramid = recommending that you eat more of this food). While I do think you can be relatively healthy by loosely following the government guidelines, the healthiest foods aren't as big a business, and therefore don't get as strong a recommendation. I'm also aware that some of the greatest foods don't even MAKE it onto the pyramid!

Here's my simple version (please excuse the rudimentary drawing!):

new food pyramid

Bottom level (greatest portion of diet) should be VEGETABLES

Next level up is FRUIT (most of which should ideally be local, lower-sugar fruits)

Next level up is PROTEIN (in your preferred form, ie soya, lean meats, fish, dairy, etc), shared with..

GRAINS & STARCHY VEG (ideally whole grains & root veggies such as beetroot & potatoes)

Next level up is FATS & healthy OILS (nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc)

Final level is that rich, high-cocoa percentage, dark CHOCOLATE, because I say so ;)

You'll notice the major difference in my food pyramid is that grains are fairly high up, instead of being a mainstay of the diet. And veggies are not only their own category, but the MAIN category. Yes, veggies are the main category. Shall I say it again? Veggies are the main.....

Just try it for a week, and see if you notice a difference.

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