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What does eating healthy mean for you?  Does it feel easy?

intuitive eating
  • Are you tired of struggling with your body, your weight, your diet, and your well-being?
  • Do you feel like you have "issues" around food & diet, and are ready to be over them?
  • Are you ready to finally create balance, abundance, joy, and freedom in your life? 
  • Do you feel like you've been missing something, and would love some guidance and support to finally "get it?"

There's one crucial tool that can simplify all of these huge decisions, and you already have IT.

It's your intuition

As your intuitive guide-ess, my personal mission, and highest wish, is for you to tap into your own innate, divine knowing.  It's a skill we're born with, but many of us need some guidance to hear these messages clearly again.

That's where I come in!

It’s rare for anyone reach adulthood without having lost touch with some part of yourself and your intuitive guidance.  Through e-courses, books, and retreats, I help you tune into your body's deep wisdom, and figure out what your essential self really wants, so you can stop looking outside for all the answers, and finally come to a place of deep self trust & knowing.

Once you start living from a place of intuition, your life will change forever.  You'll no longer be stuck in indecision.  Eating healthy, what's right for your body, will become second nature.  You'll know what to eat, and when.  You'll know if a business idea is the right one for you.  You'll trust yourself as a parent, or lover, or friend, and stop looking to the "experts" all the time.  Because you will finally become the expert on your own life.


"Don't let life be what happens while you're waiting for something else.  Live your life - your best life, now."

-S. Whitney

Whether you're currently a fried food addict, or have been experimenting with greens and tofu for years (or both - we're all human), you are most welcome here. I consider it my job to aid your journey into eating healthy at whatever level, in whatever way I can. And fortunately, there's always another tasty healthy trick around the corner!

I have a passion for food, and particularly for eating healthy. Have you ever noticed how great you feel after eating certain foods? Or perhaps how..not can feel after a fried dinner? Some common, food-related conditions include:

-lethargy/extreme fatigue after meals
-dizzyness or spaciness
-inability to concentrate
-low energy
-weight gain

It's amazing how all of these (and many, many more) have come to be accepted as normal conditions in our society. Imagine having all of these on a regular basis. Many people do! If you struggle with any food-related conditions, I can really relate. When I'm not paying enough attention to my body's health, my energy drops, my chronic congestion re-awakens, I dip in and out of depression, I gain weight, become bloated..


..when my diet is good I find I...

- shine from the inside
- think clearly
- have loads of energy
- often sing to myself, my mood is so positive
- and am certainly more fun to be around!

I have seen drastic results myself, and in many friends, clients, and colleagues. I believe that eating healthy is one of the easiest, and most dramatic, changes we can make for our own health. And I want to help you to discover, too, how fabulous you can feel by adding easy, healthy habits into your daily routine.

Begin where you are, right now, right here.

That's all anyone can ask, isn't it?
And from here, you can eat, learn, grow, and soar to places you perhaps never imagined.

  • Do you treat your body as you would someone you love?
  • Do you care for yourself as you would a child?
  • Do you honor yourself as you would a divine being?
  • Do you respect yourself without judgement?

Did you know that how we interact in our world is reflected in how we treat our bodies? I want to change the perception that eating junk food is cool or trendy. Feeling fine is the way to go!

If we can change the way we view eating healthy, and take care of ourselves, the world WILL be a better place.

How do we know what real healthy eating is?

God, it's confusing out there! Everywhere you look, or read, or talk about nutrition there's another "guru" from some far-off place telling you what you absolutely must do for optimal health and what you must not do for fear of ruining your life forever!

I promise I won't call myself a guru. And I promise I won't tell you what you must or mustn't do. I'm a human (ie Earth-based) wife & mother in my 30's (ahem, purposely vague) who's passionate about eating healthy, and has training and experience in holistic nutrition and environmental education. I've tried all sorts of diets from raw vegan to Atkins, and I enjoy weeding through the vastly different opinions, and finding the common threads. I truly hope it helps you in deciphering all the mumbo-jumbo out there!

This website is where I get combine my varied background & my loves, to share with you what, in my view, healthy eating is. But more importantly, it's a place for you. Please come with your questions & stories, your doubts, your successes, your favorite recipes. Bring yourself, wherever you are in your journey. It's my wish that you can find a safe place here, as well as info & support to help you dicover the magic of food & body freedom

My highest hope is for you to become empowered to be a higher, healthier, more tuned-in version of your glorious self.

Or at least you'll eat more broccoli.

Wherever you're starting from, I hope you come to agree with me that eating healthy is fabulous!

wild veggie woman

PS - If you've read all this way, and want to know "What now?" 

  • Browse through the site, following your intuition (it's great practice) ;).
  • Contact me, if you have any questions.
  • Please hop onto my mailing list so I can continue to support you in your journey to food & body freedom... I'll send you a fab 30 minute audio (Free!) to help you get your internal fire burning.
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